Italians do it better (the MBA)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Last post before Xmas

Like many bloggers i decided to put a visit counter on mine. You can see the ShinyStat icon on the left. And so after one week I went into the report of this counter to check who is visiting my blog and from where is coming. Some are coming from other blogs, some are coming from nowhere, some are coming from search engines. Mmm.. search engines.. let's see what are the keywords entered which report my blog as a possible entry. And then the incredible discovery. Ladies and gentlemen, there is only one keyword: "pictures of sexual deseases". But why pictures of sexual deseases!!?!?!! Ok maybe is for the "bug" post but i don't want that some little pervert who is searching some sexual desease as a source of wenking inspiration come to my site and thinks that I'm a good example of a sexual desease! :) Brrr Ok now it's time to close the blog for Christmas and for me it's time to buy the last presents to put under the pine. Un abrazo. George

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Ball

Hey, it's time to go back to Italy. See friends & family. Unfortunately not my girlfriend.. ok my ex-girlfriend. Now that the exams are over and i'm again in touch with reality I realized that we broke up and i'm missing her! Sooo sad. Yesterday we had our last exam. Marketing. The exam finished at 12,30. At 12,40 everybody was in the cafeteria with a beer in one hand! Now i can definitely say that alchool is the best friend of IESE students. Yeah.. alchool is good. So to reinforce this concept we had this christmass ball in a restaurant down at the port. The dinner theme was Cuba.. I was not dressed in a very cuban style but I was truly mentally committed. In 2 hours everybody was drunk and no trace was left of the few professors who joined the dinner. It was hard at 6 to go home. I set my alarm clock at 11 and then I realized that my flight was at 8 p.m. Very smart.

Me and rafa...
Real cuban gangsters... (ready to escape in any moment)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Only 1 left

Oh yeah... just one exam missing. Well.. marketing. I don't know exaclty what to study. I'm reviewing the tons of pages of cases studied but there is no point. I can't concentrate anymore. The tension for DA and FA is over and my mind is already set on Christmas, on my family and friends waiting for me (I hope) in italy. Vale... VENGA! Now some wine with noelle & francis and then go to bed. Tommorw IESE Christmas dinner (called "christmass ball") somewhere down in the city and then some shopping. That's it! George

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bug Expertise Wanted

Hey... does anybody knows wtf is this bug? In the last month i've found a loooot of this everywhere. In the bathroom, in my room, in the aisle (for the italians: this word has to be pronounced 'eil'... even the english speakers don't know why there is a S in the middle that you don't pronounce). This guy in particular was found in Noelle's room... but i cought it under a CD box. I'm worried because the shape remembers me a creature from the Giurassic Age and if you compare the size with the speed you will notice that by foot it can goes more than the fastest car the man has ever produced. Do you think it can transmit the bir flu? Or just sexual deseases? Anyway.. if somebody has any suggestion or info about this beast, please drop a comment before all the relatives come to establish in his new home. I think David will suggest Green Tea to reduce the reproduction rate but i think it will be hard to convince it to have tea.. i think it's more addicted to dust and pieces of food left on the floor. George

Friday, December 16, 2005

End of term (time for awards)

For this term courses are over.. now it's time for exams and then vacations! I decided to take some pictures in class to show where I am every day since september and will be for the next 15 months! This term i was in the first row. In the first photo you can have an overview of the whole classroom from the back and on the second one you can see what I SEE during lesson. And you will understand what I FEEL when I rise my hand and I proudly gain my space in the Comment of the Week!! (which means that the whole class whatches at you and laugh! :)) Today was time for awards. We had the COQ - Comment of the Quarter, which is a summary prize for the best COW (comments of the week) of the term. The absolute winner was Vlad with his "shut up, punk"! I was awarded too... for being always present in the Comment of The Week!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today during my OB section i got the input for a reflection. Think about ants live. Can you immagine a life with the fear that somebody can step on you and everything is over? Or even worse that somebody with a looooong nose can eat you? It's increeeeeedible. Ok maybe you can argue that we have god or the doom or whatever that accomplish the same function but the fact that you cannot see it makes a great difference. For example when you step 2 mm a side of an ant, this ant can see that her life was saved by just 2 millimeters! But we are dealing with something invisible. So... what is worst? To be killed by somebody you see everyday or by somebody you can't see and you are not even sure exists? On the other side, have you ever seen a ant caught by hearthattack? Well.. maybe all the ants are caught by earth attack as soon as they realize that that damned shoes is stepping over them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ski Trip

Today I have signed up for the IESE SKI TRIP! Yeeeeh... It takes place the weekend around Febuary 17th, just after the mid-terms. In these days I'm very stressed about the final exams even if I am trying to repeat to myself "come on.. don't care about them". Good news of the day: Lucone called me and proposed me to go to Sankt Moritz just after Navidad.. which means some extra days of snowboarding and fun with friends! :) Unfortunately I will need to prepare for the interviews. At the end i've been accepted by Merril Lynch, Value Partners and BCG. I'm not so happy but i'll try them to see what happens. And now... let's go over spanish. Tomorrow the "Modulo Diez" exam!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Learning point of the day

Do NOT start IRONing shirts until you are completely sure you are AWAKE. Otherwise you'll burn your arm as I did 2 minutes ago. Soo painful. George P.S: and the result is the opposite compared to shirts.. where the skin was flat and smooth, now is wrinkled.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

To the cinema

Ok today we went for a movie. Noelle, Paul, Francis and me. The movie was in english with subtitles in spanish. Basically what happened is the following. Try to listen to a phrase and don't understand. So i think: try with the subtitle! Time to look at the subtitle and the subtitle is changed according to the next phrase. Read the subtitle. Don't understand what it means. Go back to the audio in english but still too difficult. At the end i ended up at the fourth phrase without understanding anything. And this for the whole film. Mas o meno. Anyway the movie was about some non ethical business in africa.. at the end the goods die and the evils survive with some photographer taking pictures of them running away by car. But good photos of Africa. Very nice. Maybe not the right way to celebrate a birthday but... hey noelle, happy birthday!!!! :) George

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cigar, Whisky,Corruption... and Accounting is fucked up

Great night on monday. We met somewhere in Aribau 92 for a meeting of the Cigar & Whisky Club. It was time to party after a weekend spent on the ABP Report and on Tuesday was holiday. We entered the flat and you can immagine the fog created by 50 christians smoking cigars. We drunk good whisky, Bowmore, my favourite. At the end, funny moments with speeches about "the world most corrupted country and why i want to live there". Obviously I talked about Italy. I was going to win the competition because was very funny but nothing compared with Evgeny (he is in my team.. team A1) who came with a list of "bribe prices" in Russia. As Noelle would say "Soooooooooooooooo Funny". I was very tired and I have promised myself to go to bed after the Whisky & Cigar club. But you know how things go. We ended up in a disco bar not far from the house guesting the party. 1 drink, 2 drikns.. 10 drinks and everybody was completely out of control. We enjoyed very much but on tuesday I was supposed to study and I can't even concentrate on the front page of the book! I know people who was in bed all day with two girls and istead of f**king like an animal was pukeing without control (names are intentionally omitted). Ok.. Today is noelle's birthday party but I promise i won't drink any alchool. Tomorrow i want to be productive (or at least reproductive). George

Monday, December 05, 2005

Banks Banks Banks... Tyra Banks

After three months spent following courses, skipping lunches and studying overnight, no offers for neither an interview from banks. Ok, some banks still have to reply but I'm confident at all. To overcome my sadness i'm trying to use the eldest of the remedees. Drinking. I have started on friday with a gorgeous birthday party at Ramon Roqueta's winery and i will follow tonight with the wisky and cigar club. Hei.. i'm preparing a great speech about my favourite corrupted country. Ranked #96 in the world (where the first 95 places are taken by third-world country).. italy is definitely the place i wanna live. Besos y abrazos.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pimp my Class

The Today featur'n. Death row 187 4 life: abp report fo yo bitch ass. basically it is a report that W-to-tha-izzill contribute ta our course evaluation, combined wit tha mid-term report n tha class partecipizzles. tha case is `bout an auto pizzle baller fo` a big japanese ride manufactura who is deal'n wittaccept'n or not a reduction of 25% in price ta retain tha contract . Ya fuck with us, we gots to fuck you up. is it a profit? is it a loss. who knows . Its just anotha homocide. just ho-slappin' ta guess ya feelin' me?. anyway i think i am not going ta have a c in this class but neitha an a. so, who cares?