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Monday, December 05, 2005

Banks Banks Banks... Tyra Banks

After three months spent following courses, skipping lunches and studying overnight, no offers for neither an interview from banks. Ok, some banks still have to reply but I'm confident at all. To overcome my sadness i'm trying to use the eldest of the remedees. Drinking. I have started on friday with a gorgeous birthday party at Ramon Roqueta's winery and i will follow tonight with the wisky and cigar club. Hei.. i'm preparing a great speech about my favourite corrupted country. Ranked #96 in the world (where the first 95 places are taken by third-world country).. italy is definitely the place i wanna live. Besos y abrazos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

george you look so sad....keep on studying and please forget banks (i mean Tyra!:D)
anyway i want to tell you that tomorrow we are leaving for somewhere in trentino
alto adige (upper adige in english?:D)...guess why? Dont worry we'll think about you all the time.
before leaving i would like to help you prepare that speech concerning our corrupted can get
ideas from beppe grillo's blog: . you can find an english version too, sorry no snoop dog translizzle:)

regards from italy

4:19 AM


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