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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Ball

Hey, it's time to go back to Italy. See friends & family. Unfortunately not my girlfriend.. ok my ex-girlfriend. Now that the exams are over and i'm again in touch with reality I realized that we broke up and i'm missing her! Sooo sad. Yesterday we had our last exam. Marketing. The exam finished at 12,30. At 12,40 everybody was in the cafeteria with a beer in one hand! Now i can definitely say that alchool is the best friend of IESE students. Yeah.. alchool is good. So to reinforce this concept we had this christmass ball in a restaurant down at the port. The dinner theme was Cuba.. I was not dressed in a very cuban style but I was truly mentally committed. In 2 hours everybody was drunk and no trace was left of the few professors who joined the dinner. It was hard at 6 to go home. I set my alarm clock at 11 and then I realized that my flight was at 8 p.m. Very smart.

Me and rafa...
Real cuban gangsters... (ready to escape in any moment)


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