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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ski Trip

Today I have signed up for the IESE SKI TRIP! Yeeeeh... It takes place the weekend around Febuary 17th, just after the mid-terms. In these days I'm very stressed about the final exams even if I am trying to repeat to myself "come on.. don't care about them". Good news of the day: Lucone called me and proposed me to go to Sankt Moritz just after Navidad.. which means some extra days of snowboarding and fun with friends! :) Unfortunately I will need to prepare for the interviews. At the end i've been accepted by Merril Lynch, Value Partners and BCG. I'm not so happy but i'll try them to see what happens. And now... let's go over spanish. Tomorrow the "Modulo Diez" exam!


Blogger Catalonic said...

Hey Georgie Boy, thanks a bunch for kissing the Spanish teacher after the "Modulo Diez" exam. You set a precedent that we all had to live up to after you left. Even Vlad gave her the ol' dos besos. I'm sure she really appreciated the physical contact from the Mandroid, Vladbot 2000.

3:24 PM

Blogger Catalonic said...

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3:26 PM


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