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Thursday, December 08, 2005

To the cinema

Ok today we went for a movie. Noelle, Paul, Francis and me. The movie was in english with subtitles in spanish. Basically what happened is the following. Try to listen to a phrase and don't understand. So i think: try with the subtitle! Time to look at the subtitle and the subtitle is changed according to the next phrase. Read the subtitle. Don't understand what it means. Go back to the audio in english but still too difficult. At the end i ended up at the fourth phrase without understanding anything. And this for the whole film. Mas o meno. Anyway the movie was about some non ethical business in africa.. at the end the goods die and the evils survive with some photographer taking pictures of them running away by car. But good photos of Africa. Very nice. Maybe not the right way to celebrate a birthday but... hey noelle, happy birthday!!!! :) George


Blogger Francis Lewis said...

Don't worry about it George I didn't understand it either - something to do with an "Uphill Gardener" ?

( check the profanisaurus dude :) )

1:26 AM


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