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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cigar, Whisky,Corruption... and Accounting is fucked up

Great night on monday. We met somewhere in Aribau 92 for a meeting of the Cigar & Whisky Club. It was time to party after a weekend spent on the ABP Report and on Tuesday was holiday. We entered the flat and you can immagine the fog created by 50 christians smoking cigars. We drunk good whisky, Bowmore, my favourite. At the end, funny moments with speeches about "the world most corrupted country and why i want to live there". Obviously I talked about Italy. I was going to win the competition because was very funny but nothing compared with Evgeny (he is in my team.. team A1) who came with a list of "bribe prices" in Russia. As Noelle would say "Soooooooooooooooo Funny". I was very tired and I have promised myself to go to bed after the Whisky & Cigar club. But you know how things go. We ended up in a disco bar not far from the house guesting the party. 1 drink, 2 drikns.. 10 drinks and everybody was completely out of control. We enjoyed very much but on tuesday I was supposed to study and I can't even concentrate on the front page of the book! I know people who was in bed all day with two girls and istead of f**king like an animal was pukeing without control (names are intentionally omitted). Ok.. Today is noelle's birthday party but I promise i won't drink any alchool. Tomorrow i want to be productive (or at least reproductive). George


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