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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Out of Club Med

Our two year vacation is finished. Sad to say, the MBA is over. After 19 months of hard studying and partying we are going to move out of this Club Med vacation disguised as a serious thing. Let's jump in the library! To celebrate the last day of class and my birthday (which is actually in two days but who cares?) we had another calatrava roof-terrace party. Unfortunately I don't have any picture yet but i will post them as soon as possible! I think i need them also to remember what happened. Still i feel like a red fish swimming in a bowl of gin! Joder!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

long time no post :-(

3:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can you tell us more about IESE and the link with Opus Dei?

8:28 AM


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