Italians do it better (the MBA)

Monday, October 31, 2005

Two days of extra holidays

If you read this is just because with two days of extra holidays (today and tuesday) I can waste five minutes to write on the blog. Sorry guys for having not kept it updated but it's the very last thing I have in my mind. What to say.. here life is very hard and beyond studying very much I'm really in hurry for my internship applications. On the weekend of 18-20th of november I'll be in London to have a tour in some Investment Banks. I'm not really sure I go there because it's only finance... what about all the other things I learn in an MBA?? Anyway.. let's go and have a look. In addition i have the occasion to see my friends Giulia and Luca! :-) I subscribed to the Theater Club... In case my MBA goes wrong I can try I career as an actor.. on wedneday first lesson! Yeeee Ok.. now let's have a look at my CV (uhhh very ugly!) George

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Freak out

3 days have passed since the official courses have started and i'm really thinking i'm gonna fail the MBA. I don't even have time to write the blog!
07.00 wake up 07.10 make up 07.15 saying "hi marco!" 07.16 saying "hi noelle!" 07.17 saying "hi alexander!" 08.15 team meeting 09.45 start morning lessons 12.30 end morning lessons and lunch break 14.00 afternoon lessons 17.00 go home 17.30 start studying (3 case study) 02.15 end studying (in the meantime ironing, cooking, review CV..) 02.30 go to bed after quick read of FT* I'm gonna give up soon! * to read doesn't mean to understand.