Italians do it better (the MBA)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Forced to celebrate

Very quickly because i'm quite upset. Went to Lambretto's place to see the match. Me and Noelle went there with the scooter. Barca passed and Milan has been kicked out. So I decided to go immediately to bed to forget about this. Ok me in my bed! On the way back i was sorrounded by cars beeping with the horn "beep beee beeep beeeeeeeeep" to celebrate barca. Unfortunately the moto I'm driving has a little problem with the brakes and everytime you use it does a sort of beep beep which i found it useful when a hot girls is on the sidestep. We arrived at crossing with a red light.. pulled the brake to stop.. "beep beep" and suddenly a concert of "beep beeeeeep" from the motos and cars around us!!!! :(

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Operations Strategy. Prof. M Sachon was introducing Vilfredo Pareto and his law. Knowing that Enrico is Italia he asks him "Enrico, who is Pareto?" and Enrico ".. well.. i don't know.. but i think I heard his name before".. so Sachon insists "Enrico what have you studied?" and Enrico "Economics!" (said as if it was an excuse for it) and Sachon "Pareto was one of the most famous Italian economists!"
In 1906, Italian economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country, observing that twenty percent of the people owned eighty percent of the wealth.
As an MBA student i've learnt that this rules applies almost everywhere!
You know 20 percent of you stock takes up 80 percent of your warehouse space and that 80 percent of your stock comes from 20 percent of your suppliers. 20 percent of the girls you hook up in Barcelona provides 80 percent of your sexual satisfaction. Also 80 percent of your sales will come from 20 percent of your sales staff. 20 percent of your customers provides 80 percent of your profits and so on. Useful, isn't it? So your job as a manager is to focus on this 20 percent. I think the problem is to understand which is this 20 percent.
Actually in italy 80 percent of the wealth is in the hands of one man.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Italy (aka Mamma, Pizza & Berlusconi)

While everyone was having trips in Morocco, Romania, Norway, The moon and so on, i went back to Italy to see my family. Now i'm back and someone blamed me for not writing anything on the blog. The point is that when you go back to your hometown you recognize that there life is always the same routine. Everybody is the same and does the same things as when you left. So when you go back you review something you have already lived at least once in your life. That's why I haven't anything special to write.
The only thing that worried me very much is the fact that everyone said "hey George, i see you in a good shape!". Well in Italy this is a super scary thing. Yeah because this is what your relatives say and within brackets is the real meaning:
- Oh my god! What happened to you? Do you need more money for food? Please go to the restaurant if you don't feel like cooking everyday. Meanwhile, i will bring you to the hospital to take some examinations. (you are in perfect shape, you spend more time at the gym than on the books, your nickname at school is something like "king of the abdominals" or "prince of fitness"... great, continue this way).
- I see you skinny. Are you ok? Do you eat enough? (You haven't loss weight, you have preserved the shape).
- I see you in a good shape. (You are between 5 and 10 kilos overweight.. for you two floors by stairs it's becoming really challenging).
- Wow George, I think you are having a good time in barcelona! Look what a nice belly. (You have given up even to fight against obesity).
I won't tell you exactly what they told me but i'm sure my objective for the third term is focus on Gym, Beach and Tan!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hola guapos. I just got my grades and the exchange list has been done. I've been selected to go to Columbia. And not with random people. With Marco, Till, JuanRa and Ramon! Such a coooooooooool group! As u can see from the picture i was very (positively) surprised by my grades and consequently to be chosen for the exchange. I rally like the idea to not only visit New York for the first time but also to spend 4 months there! Isn't it amazing? I hope i can meet a lot of people there! Now it's already time to look for an apartment there, to manage to find someone to subrent the wonderful calatrava flat. Mmm... should i have to change the name of the blog consequently? Noo...
By the way, today last day of classes before the easter vacations. I took some pictures with Noelle's camera. Here you can see me and Enrico.Since i'm sitting beside him I spend most of the time in a parallel case discussion with him that nothing has to do with what is going on in class, but he is really cool.
On the other side of my row seats Rafa. We were talking about snowboarding and the skitrip. "hey rafa, what have u done that saturday night".. "oh well, we stayed out partying until 6 am".. "oh that's why you came on the slopes around 2".. "oh yeah, me and achilleas started skiing at 2pm but after 2 runs we said - hey, it's too tiring here, let's go for a beer" and continued "finally i understood why snowboard is not for me, at the beginning i thought it was because i was going goofy, so i changed to regular.. but still no performances, so i thought i had to change my posture on the board and put more the weight on the front leg.. but still no improvements.. and finally i saw the light... it's just that i'm not in shape!"

Monday, April 03, 2006

Luis Valencia & Triple Birthday

This weekend we went to Valencia to celebrate Paul, Marcus and I's birthdayz!It was an unbelivable experience... absolutely great. We had so much fun i won't be able to describe it in a blog post.
We left of friday afternoon and started to party around 10 in Valencia. The first night passed by in different clubs in the city center and i was able to bring my lazy ass into bed around 6,30 in the morning. Unfortunately for me, Ian went to bed around 4 and at 10,30 was already in my room yelling, jumping and clapping hands "hey come on.. let's rent a bike and visit the city...". My legs weren't able to sustain a bycicle race in the city so I, with huy Matteo and Male, opted to a more comfortable mean called "car". We had an aswome paella-based lunch in a cool place at the beach suggested to us my Marc, who was born there.We stayed at the beach where somebody was also so brave to take the first bath in the sea.. among them Jan Erik, the king of Norway!Then the evening started and i have only blurred images in my mind about what happened. I remembered that everything started with a cultural clash. In Italy when it's your birthday you are expected to offer drinks and food to celebrate. By mistake i did the same when we had some bottles of good spanish wine stepping against the norwegian tradition. Apparently in Norway the guests pay. Therefore JanErik felt himself in charge to couter offer me other wine.. and all the others felt in charge to recover my expenses for the wine (more than 50 euros per bottle) in cocktails and drinks to be consumed during the following hours.