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Sunday, March 25, 2007


I knew it would have been an amazing dinner since the beginning... when Huy, who was trying to figure out if it was feasible to share a cab, asked Marco:

"Marco, how do we get to the airport?" answer...

Valerio, Marco, Matteo, Huy and I decided to spend one weekend in another city. Copenhagen was the place nobody have visisted before. It turned to be an amazing weekend. One of those that afterwards makes you share a common intent: "we should do this at least once a year for the rest of our lives!"

The city itself was amazing even though to be honest we have been out in daylight only 6 hours in three days. But for the time we have been walking around the weather was amazing. Chilly but absolutely sunny. People there is not used to sun, so as soon as it comes out you see short skirts, flip flops and open cabriolets everywhere! Not to say we were more interested in the first two. Obviously the best memories come from the nightlife. Through some contacts in smallworld Huy managed to let us into two great clubs. I never saw so many blond girls in a club. Not even at the Billionaire in the opening night in July! Amazing. Matteo decided that he wants to be buried on the danceflor of Luux, one of these clubs! Ok now it's time to give grades.. so let's move to the..

The grades report

Huy Grade: 2. He starts the weekend with some horrible sunglasses but immediately suprises everyone with a contact through smallworld that will change our trip. Few phone calls and we are in guest list for the best club in town. Would have been a 10 if he didn't wake me up at 7.30 in the morning saying "Hey, it's already 10 and we have to go out of the room in 10 minutes". Would have been 6 if he didn't make me pay a drink betting with me when i was already half drunk. Would have been a 5 if he didn't ask me to limit my creativity and my prose in the name of our friendship. But he's right, friends might be lost, prose and creativity are always there. But still.. take your 2 motherfucker! :) Incrediball.

Marco Grade: 7. He is always the best. At the airport he arrives with two big bags while i was just a handbag. Three pairs of shoes, a suit and an uncountable number of shirts. That's a strategic approach for the vacation. He takes everything with a structured approach that at the ends pays good results. If he didn't hit on any girls was just because he is a good friend and turned his attention only to us. The only moment in which he was lost was in Christiania. Those dogs might bite more than any private equity partner. Method man.

Me Grade: 6. Disorganized as I am i was in charge of booking flights and hotel. We arrived in Copenhagen and i didn't even know the name of the hotel. Very good. But relax guys, at the end everything went well. I tried to teach them how to walk as a whealty people but they just thought it was funny. And indeed it was. I love my friends. That's why I gave up on that blonde beauty at Da Vinci to have fun with them at Luux! But maybe is because I have only one blondie on my mind right now.. Misunderstood.

Valerio Grade 8. He arrived in Copenhagen already sick. Sorethroat, closed ear and headache. He left the city in an even worse condition. But of course when he saw a couple of big tits at NASA everything was fine. But he's going to meet his Super Duck in New York in one week so loyalty to the gf was more than due. He drunk like hell but still at the restaurant he was ordering food without chees because it's not healty. We will miss him.

Teo Grade 10. Always drunk. Always walking around with eyes like a radar and chest pushed outside. Whatever happens for him is ok. No complains. The picture shows the typical face expression of matteo in copenhagen. Amazed by the blondies he decided that he could have died at any moment. And he wanted to be buried on the danceflor of Luux. Killed by the pussy.

Now i'm back home with a pile of things to do for tomorrow. The last week of the MBA is ahead of me. How sad! Two presentations for tomorrow to close DISER and Corporate Strategy, three cases for last sessions of Globalization & Strategy. I can't believe.. the last three cases of my life. Well.. life is a case.

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