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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today during my OB section i got the input for a reflection. Think about ants live. Can you immagine a life with the fear that somebody can step on you and everything is over? Or even worse that somebody with a looooong nose can eat you? It's increeeeeedible. Ok maybe you can argue that we have god or the doom or whatever that accomplish the same function but the fact that you cannot see it makes a great difference. For example when you step 2 mm a side of an ant, this ant can see that her life was saved by just 2 millimeters! But we are dealing with something invisible. So... what is worst? To be killed by somebody you see everyday or by somebody you can't see and you are not even sure exists? On the other side, have you ever seen a ant caught by hearthattack? Well.. maybe all the ants are caught by earth attack as soon as they realize that that damned shoes is stepping over them.


Blogger Catalonic said...

It gets worse than that. In some species of Ant, such as the leaf cutter Ant, there are police Ants that patrol the lines going back and forth from the trees they are harvesting. If they see you drop a leaf, or fall behind, the run up to you, cut you in half with their pincers, carry both sections off to the side and burry you! Seriously, these Ants bury each other. Can you imagine Franz Heukamp running up to you, biting you in half and buring you outside the window when you calculate the wrong Net Present Value? I can, and do.

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