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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Last post before Xmas

Like many bloggers i decided to put a visit counter on mine. You can see the ShinyStat icon on the left. And so after one week I went into the report of this counter to check who is visiting my blog and from where is coming. Some are coming from other blogs, some are coming from nowhere, some are coming from search engines. Mmm.. search engines.. let's see what are the keywords entered which report my blog as a possible entry. And then the incredible discovery. Ladies and gentlemen, there is only one keyword: "pictures of sexual deseases". But why pictures of sexual deseases!!?!?!! Ok maybe is for the "bug" post but i don't want that some little pervert who is searching some sexual desease as a source of wenking inspiration come to my site and thinks that I'm a good example of a sexual desease! :) Brrr Ok now it's time to close the blog for Christmas and for me it's time to buy the last presents to put under the pine. Un abrazo. George


Blogger Catalonic said...

Can you really blame someone using your blog as their wenking inspiration after you put those pictures of the Cuban Mafia up?
Even I had to put some presents under the pine after that. The man pine.

Buon Natale Georgie Boy.

1:08 PM

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