Italians do it better (the MBA)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Coke Explosion & Bread Loss

Hey today I went to the bakery and i bought a sliced bread. Then the lady asked me if i wanted a plastic bag in addition to the paper one.. and i said "nooo...tranqilla!" which means "no, tranqilla". Then i jumped on my bycicle.. made a few meeters, stepped into a hole and... crack.. the bag opened and all the slices of bread fell on the sidewalk, like pieces of the domnica. Shit! Then i went home and i thought "ok.. i'll have a cold coke.. put one in the fridge yesterday"...
yesterday.. fridge.. oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooood
So i opened the fridge and the picture shows what i found.

Monday, March 27, 2006

New term already started... :(

Hey! It was just last friday that we were doing our last exam out of 6 and we are already sitting in class for the new courses. Here are some pictures of the last exam (damn managerial accounting) and the happy moments just after it. During the weekend i had the opportunity to have a very long sleep (from 3 to 15) on saturady and i was so happy of finally being able to get rid of my chronicle headache. But then saturday party ended up at 7 in the morning and my friend the headache is back again. Yohoooo

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good Luck?

We are at the end of the second term. The exams start tomorrow. The last thing that every professor told us before the final greetings was "good luck for your exams". Everybody replies "thanks".. with a tight smile.
Hey! Stop for a second!
Good Luck to everybody? This makes no sense at all. Yes because you know that it cannot be that everyone gets an A.. or that at least nobody gets a C. So it has no sense to wish good luck. You can tell good luck to a restricted number of people, with the aim of having these people be better than others. But to everybody is like going to two boxers before they go on the ring and tell to each of them "hey, i really hope that you win, with my whole heart".

Monday, March 20, 2006

Thoughts from Managerial Accounting

If your daughter goes out one day to sell lemonade and comes back with 1000$, maybe you should ask yourself if what she was selling was lemonade.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mr Cankle

Barcelona - 18 March: The famous football player George has been seriously injured at his ankle during the match that took place tonight at the Alfons Comin stadium.For him it seems clear that the football season it's over but a brilliant career in biking has just opened its doors.In this thought moment he is supported by his personal shaman... Sergio (here in a psycadelic picture taken under the effects of Peyote).. and sorrounded by hot girls :)

Friday, March 17, 2006


Boys give grades to girl, this is well known and socially accepted.
BROWN BAG GIRL: a girl with a hot body but an ugly face. You use the old trick of the bag on her head.
DOUBLE BROWN BAG GIRL: not even the body is good. You put a bag on her head and the other is for you!

HR in 30 seconds

If you have the bad luck to work in the HR department, the emlpoyees with whom you may have to deal with can be framed into these four quadrants.
SMART & LAZY: Good Luck, you may have good results even if most of the time he will be busy surfing the internet.
DUMB & LAZY: Most of the cases.
SMART & HARD WORKER: Doesn't exist in nature.
DUMB & HARD WORKER: This is the worst case! You'll spend most of your time recovering his mistakes!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cuando la esalera esta llena de humo!

When disturbed, fire ants are very aggressive. The ant grips the skin with its mandibles (jaws) and stings its victim several times in a circular pattern around the point of mandible attachment. Because of the ant's aggressive nature and capacity for multiple stings, an attack usually results in several stings.

Some people who are stung experience only local reaction and temporary discomfort but, in most, a swollen red area will occur followed by a sterile pustule within 24 hours. Although the venom is bactericidal, secondary infections due to scratching may occur.

Although a single fire ant sting hurts less than a bee or wasp sting, the effect of multiple stings is impressive. Multiple stings are common, not only because hundreds of ants may have attacked, but because individual ants can administer several stings.

Wy am i talking about ants? Because i was looking for a nice FIRE picture with google and i've found this interesting article about Fire Ants!

Why am i looking for fire picture at 1 a.m. in the morning with 2 cases still to prepare?

Because i wanted to tell you that today an asshole put our parking on fire (2 motorbikes and 3 cars burned) while we (except pierre who was doing Finance) were playing soccer. And fortunately we went to the soccer courts by car.. otherwise the number of cars burned would have been four. So to summarize, we came back at 9 and we found the firemen busy with oxigen masks and all the other stuff that i'm to lazy to look over the dictionary for the english transaltion. So they kindly asked us to wait 4 hours before entering the building. We spent some of the time in a restaurant and the rest to our friends who live just round the corner. Now the house is still full of smoke and black dust everywhere... i think i will breath all this shit during the night and tomorrow i'll feel like being a smoke addicted since the age of 5!!
Good night!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sources of control and the tale of the lamp

What are the ways a company keeps control over its employees? Basically three ways:
- INPUT: control of the behaviors
- TRANSFORMATION: control on the exectution
- RESULTS: control on the outcome
But think about bishops. They cannot control priests with any of these techniques. Their control is based on being sure that the priest are strong beleivers. This is the most powerful control method. It's implemented by companies with brain washing done during training weekends, collective events and so on.
What about the lamp. Well since the arrive of the new guest in our apartment many things have changed. Yesterday we were hosting a random dinner and Pierre was out (he went to Luxemburg for the weekend). We were happily cooking (me noelle and marco) in the kitchen when marco said "hey.. don't you think there was a lamp in the living room".. and me and noelle replied "mmm.. where exactly?". We all went to the living room and marco indicated the corner between the two big harmchairs. Puzzled faces saying "yes.. where is it??" I thought about the cleaning ladies stealing our brass vintage lamp.. naaaaa.. not possible. So i thought a theft on commission with thieves coming into the apartment like tom cruise in mission impossible.. climbing the buildings and jumping from one terrace to the other.. Nooo.. not possible.
Then the three of us watched in the eyes... "PIEEEEEEEEEEER". We run into his bedroom and the lamp was there! We laughed all the night for this. Even because then we started wondering if in summer he will take the fridge into his room to have a cooling system..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Murder at 30 degrees (with softner)

A new mystery unveiled in the tale of the magic tunnel. I was wondering why i was continuously buying black socks but my inventory in the drawers was not increasing. I thougth about some bottleneck in the cleaning-drying process but no WIP were found in the house. Now i know.
The washing machine eats socks. And more specifically black ones!

As i've learnt in HR, this is not a matter of money, this is an issue of TRUST!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mango, Daisy and the Section C

The spanish inquisition has given the right to the upper groups in the spanish courses to switch to the spanish session (section C) for the last term. Now i'm really undecided... To Go, Not to Go, To Go, Not to Go. I need a daisy for this decision but daisy is a seasonal business (mother nature should be involved in these NFO - bank financing issues for this!).
I think this is a good opportunity to
. improooove my language skills;
. start saying "pero porque" at the beginning of every question;
. watch david miller's class partecipation in action;
. get rid of vlad;
at the same time i'm scared by..
. reading 30 pages of a strategy cases in spanish;
. being in serious class;
. leaving my team and my friends of Section A;
I will decide while sleeping tonight and come out with an answer tomorrow.
What about mango? Well i was eating a mango yesterday and you know how it works. You cut pieces of mango and put them on a plate. Then u have this big bone with still a lot of meat on it and u can cut anymore, because the knife is straight and the bone is rounded. So you suck it and it's pure pleasure, because the closest to the bone, the sweeter is the fruit. But suddenly you feel a lot this filaments nested between your teeth, and u hate it! That's why men prefer shaved girls.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Lost & Found and Lost again &Found again

Before the Multi Cultural Fair there was a huge amount of SPAM storming my mailbox about "we invite u to the peruvian stand", "need for tickets", "ronaldihno at the brazilian stand" and so on. Then the multi culti took place and everybody felt saved from the SPAM. But nobody knew that another monster has just been created
(think about some suspance music here)
The Lost & Found spam!
Actually i don't have to complain because i was the pioneer of this thing. At 2.30 am, the night of the party, i sent an email saying that i've lost both house keys and phone. Then before hitting "SEND" in outlook i saw some bling bling beside the laptop.. Yuhuuuu.. the keys! So i've sent just the message about the phone.. Then at 8.30 i woke up to go to school and i when i was swimming in the bed as i usually do before wakeing up (hey, don't have that puzzled face, i'm sure u do it as well)... i hurt something in the bed. At first i thought it a big silverfish bug but then, despite the fact that the color was the same, i realized that it was my phone.
So i had to write an email to the whole IESE to explain that i had my phone back and that the only explanation was that probably he came home after me that night.
Today the phone was lost again. So i started thinking that the old bastard (the phone) does it intentionally. But now i know the trick. I hide the power chord and waited until he came out before dying for low battery. So the phone is back again for the second time.
By the way, i'm still missing my Italian Flag. Alex told me somebody was using it in the courtyard today, pretending to be superman, but i don't want to believe that the thief is the school. I prefer to think that it has been burned by the resturant's landlord.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Multi Cultural Fair 2006

Well.. a lot of water has passed under the bridge since my last post. During this long week two things happened: the factory visit at the SEAT plant and the Multi cultural fair. The visit to the SEAT production center was amazing. It was very very interesting to see how a car is built starting from a raw sheet of alluminium or steel. Lots of robots, car frames turned upside down as they were a piece of paper, everything sincronized to produce on demand.. and at the end 20 workers cleaning the cars and checking lights and seats' softness. Ok maybe said in this way doesn't seem very attractive but be sure that it is. Other sections went to the danone plant (which they said it was not so amazing) and to the chupa chups.. which i think has a production line of two meters lenght (how much it can take to put a stick into a solidified juice?).
And then yesterday there was the famous multi cultural fair. Basically we rented a restaurant and we used it for a fair in which every stand was representing a country, or a region, with its food and drinks. A lot of drinks. More than a lot. You can figure out the outcome. The fair officially started at 8 pm and at 7.30 pm everyone was already drunk. Just to give some rough number there were around 20 stands. The avarage have 300 bottles of light alcoolic drinks and 40 bottles of superalcoolic ones. Plus and extra capacity of food which was enough to supply a small village in Africa until 2020.
There are an infinite number of things lost, scarfs, jumpers, jackets, helmets.. i've lost my italian flag. There also two people missing, i wish them the best luck whatever it has happened to them. The party was supposed to close at 11.30 but at 01.00 the resturant had to call 4 cars of policemen to have the people out.