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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good Luck?

We are at the end of the second term. The exams start tomorrow. The last thing that every professor told us before the final greetings was "good luck for your exams". Everybody replies "thanks".. with a tight smile.
Hey! Stop for a second!
Good Luck to everybody? This makes no sense at all. Yes because you know that it cannot be that everyone gets an A.. or that at least nobody gets a C. So it has no sense to wish good luck. You can tell good luck to a restricted number of people, with the aim of having these people be better than others. But to everybody is like going to two boxers before they go on the ring and tell to each of them "hey, i really hope that you win, with my whole heart".


Anonymous Kairike said...

Wow, G, how pessimistic !! Hey, I told you not to stress too much, those things are tough but will be over sooner than you realize ;) And after all they are just exams, even if each of them costs a rather big amount of € for you :) So just take a deep breathe and go show them who's the George that I know :) Kisses xXx -K.

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