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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cuando la esalera esta llena de humo!

When disturbed, fire ants are very aggressive. The ant grips the skin with its mandibles (jaws) and stings its victim several times in a circular pattern around the point of mandible attachment. Because of the ant's aggressive nature and capacity for multiple stings, an attack usually results in several stings.

Some people who are stung experience only local reaction and temporary discomfort but, in most, a swollen red area will occur followed by a sterile pustule within 24 hours. Although the venom is bactericidal, secondary infections due to scratching may occur.

Although a single fire ant sting hurts less than a bee or wasp sting, the effect of multiple stings is impressive. Multiple stings are common, not only because hundreds of ants may have attacked, but because individual ants can administer several stings.

Wy am i talking about ants? Because i was looking for a nice FIRE picture with google and i've found this interesting article about Fire Ants!

Why am i looking for fire picture at 1 a.m. in the morning with 2 cases still to prepare?

Because i wanted to tell you that today an asshole put our parking on fire (2 motorbikes and 3 cars burned) while we (except pierre who was doing Finance) were playing soccer. And fortunately we went to the soccer courts by car.. otherwise the number of cars burned would have been four. So to summarize, we came back at 9 and we found the firemen busy with oxigen masks and all the other stuff that i'm to lazy to look over the dictionary for the english transaltion. So they kindly asked us to wait 4 hours before entering the building. We spent some of the time in a restaurant and the rest to our friends who live just round the corner. Now the house is still full of smoke and black dust everywhere... i think i will breath all this shit during the night and tomorrow i'll feel like being a smoke addicted since the age of 5!!
Good night!


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