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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Multi Cultural Fair 2006

Well.. a lot of water has passed under the bridge since my last post. During this long week two things happened: the factory visit at the SEAT plant and the Multi cultural fair. The visit to the SEAT production center was amazing. It was very very interesting to see how a car is built starting from a raw sheet of alluminium or steel. Lots of robots, car frames turned upside down as they were a piece of paper, everything sincronized to produce on demand.. and at the end 20 workers cleaning the cars and checking lights and seats' softness. Ok maybe said in this way doesn't seem very attractive but be sure that it is. Other sections went to the danone plant (which they said it was not so amazing) and to the chupa chups.. which i think has a production line of two meters lenght (how much it can take to put a stick into a solidified juice?).
And then yesterday there was the famous multi cultural fair. Basically we rented a restaurant and we used it for a fair in which every stand was representing a country, or a region, with its food and drinks. A lot of drinks. More than a lot. You can figure out the outcome. The fair officially started at 8 pm and at 7.30 pm everyone was already drunk. Just to give some rough number there were around 20 stands. The avarage have 300 bottles of light alcoolic drinks and 40 bottles of superalcoolic ones. Plus and extra capacity of food which was enough to supply a small village in Africa until 2020.
There are an infinite number of things lost, scarfs, jumpers, jackets, helmets.. i've lost my italian flag. There also two people missing, i wish them the best luck whatever it has happened to them. The party was supposed to close at 11.30 but at 01.00 the resturant had to call 4 cars of policemen to have the people out.


Blogger Bili Rubin said...

May I request some captions, particularly for the lovely photo in the middle. I'd like to know what culture those represent.

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