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Friday, March 10, 2006

Sources of control and the tale of the lamp

What are the ways a company keeps control over its employees? Basically three ways:
- INPUT: control of the behaviors
- TRANSFORMATION: control on the exectution
- RESULTS: control on the outcome
But think about bishops. They cannot control priests with any of these techniques. Their control is based on being sure that the priest are strong beleivers. This is the most powerful control method. It's implemented by companies with brain washing done during training weekends, collective events and so on.
What about the lamp. Well since the arrive of the new guest in our apartment many things have changed. Yesterday we were hosting a random dinner and Pierre was out (he went to Luxemburg for the weekend). We were happily cooking (me noelle and marco) in the kitchen when marco said "hey.. don't you think there was a lamp in the living room".. and me and noelle replied "mmm.. where exactly?". We all went to the living room and marco indicated the corner between the two big harmchairs. Puzzled faces saying "yes.. where is it??" I thought about the cleaning ladies stealing our brass vintage lamp.. naaaaa.. not possible. So i thought a theft on commission with thieves coming into the apartment like tom cruise in mission impossible.. climbing the buildings and jumping from one terrace to the other.. Nooo.. not possible.
Then the three of us watched in the eyes... "PIEEEEEEEEEEER". We run into his bedroom and the lamp was there! We laughed all the night for this. Even because then we started wondering if in summer he will take the fridge into his room to have a cooling system..


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