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Friday, March 03, 2006

Lost & Found and Lost again &Found again

Before the Multi Cultural Fair there was a huge amount of SPAM storming my mailbox about "we invite u to the peruvian stand", "need for tickets", "ronaldihno at the brazilian stand" and so on. Then the multi culti took place and everybody felt saved from the SPAM. But nobody knew that another monster has just been created
(think about some suspance music here)
The Lost & Found spam!
Actually i don't have to complain because i was the pioneer of this thing. At 2.30 am, the night of the party, i sent an email saying that i've lost both house keys and phone. Then before hitting "SEND" in outlook i saw some bling bling beside the laptop.. Yuhuuuu.. the keys! So i've sent just the message about the phone.. Then at 8.30 i woke up to go to school and i when i was swimming in the bed as i usually do before wakeing up (hey, don't have that puzzled face, i'm sure u do it as well)... i hurt something in the bed. At first i thought it a big silverfish bug but then, despite the fact that the color was the same, i realized that it was my phone.
So i had to write an email to the whole IESE to explain that i had my phone back and that the only explanation was that probably he came home after me that night.
Today the phone was lost again. So i started thinking that the old bastard (the phone) does it intentionally. But now i know the trick. I hide the power chord and waited until he came out before dying for low battery. So the phone is back again for the second time.
By the way, i'm still missing my Italian Flag. Alex told me somebody was using it in the courtyard today, pretending to be superman, but i don't want to believe that the thief is the school. I prefer to think that it has been burned by the resturant's landlord.


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