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Monday, March 27, 2006

New term already started... :(

Hey! It was just last friday that we were doing our last exam out of 6 and we are already sitting in class for the new courses. Here are some pictures of the last exam (damn managerial accounting) and the happy moments just after it. During the weekend i had the opportunity to have a very long sleep (from 3 to 15) on saturady and i was so happy of finally being able to get rid of my chronicle headache. But then saturday party ended up at 7 in the morning and my friend the headache is back again. Yohoooo


Blogger Catalonic said...

Chronicle Headache eh..

Kinda like a Chronic....What?....cles of Narnia headache?

Or has all that Snoopizzle talk got you doing a little puff puff behind the turtle pond during lunch break?.

Either way, glad to hear it's finally gone.

11:40 AM

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