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Monday, April 03, 2006

Luis Valencia & Triple Birthday

This weekend we went to Valencia to celebrate Paul, Marcus and I's birthdayz!It was an unbelivable experience... absolutely great. We had so much fun i won't be able to describe it in a blog post.
We left of friday afternoon and started to party around 10 in Valencia. The first night passed by in different clubs in the city center and i was able to bring my lazy ass into bed around 6,30 in the morning. Unfortunately for me, Ian went to bed around 4 and at 10,30 was already in my room yelling, jumping and clapping hands "hey come on.. let's rent a bike and visit the city...". My legs weren't able to sustain a bycicle race in the city so I, with huy Matteo and Male, opted to a more comfortable mean called "car". We had an aswome paella-based lunch in a cool place at the beach suggested to us my Marc, who was born there.We stayed at the beach where somebody was also so brave to take the first bath in the sea.. among them Jan Erik, the king of Norway!Then the evening started and i have only blurred images in my mind about what happened. I remembered that everything started with a cultural clash. In Italy when it's your birthday you are expected to offer drinks and food to celebrate. By mistake i did the same when we had some bottles of good spanish wine stepping against the norwegian tradition. Apparently in Norway the guests pay. Therefore JanErik felt himself in charge to couter offer me other wine.. and all the others felt in charge to recover my expenses for the wine (more than 50 euros per bottle) in cocktails and drinks to be consumed during the following hours.


Blogger Ashwyn said...

Happy Birthday man! You guys sure know how to party!

11:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I asked george to come back to Barcelona with a bit of paella from the restaurant, but the crazy spanish nights are making olatuquetal to forget about important things. I forgive you since it was your birthday. Happy birthday again!!!

12:08 PM

Anonymous Natalia said...

Happy Birthday, my dear italian chef!! One day you should publish this great stories as a diary of you MBA! I am sure it would be a success!!

5:07 AM


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