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Friday, April 07, 2006

Hola guapos. I just got my grades and the exchange list has been done. I've been selected to go to Columbia. And not with random people. With Marco, Till, JuanRa and Ramon! Such a coooooooooool group! As u can see from the picture i was very (positively) surprised by my grades and consequently to be chosen for the exchange. I rally like the idea to not only visit New York for the first time but also to spend 4 months there! Isn't it amazing? I hope i can meet a lot of people there! Now it's already time to look for an apartment there, to manage to find someone to subrent the wonderful calatrava flat. Mmm... should i have to change the name of the blog consequently? Noo...
By the way, today last day of classes before the easter vacations. I took some pictures with Noelle's camera. Here you can see me and Enrico.Since i'm sitting beside him I spend most of the time in a parallel case discussion with him that nothing has to do with what is going on in class, but he is really cool.
On the other side of my row seats Rafa. We were talking about snowboarding and the skitrip. "hey rafa, what have u done that saturday night".. "oh well, we stayed out partying until 6 am".. "oh that's why you came on the slopes around 2".. "oh yeah, me and achilleas started skiing at 2pm but after 2 runs we said - hey, it's too tiring here, let's go for a beer" and continued "finally i understood why snowboard is not for me, at the beginning i thought it was because i was going goofy, so i changed to regular.. but still no performances, so i thought i had to change my posture on the board and put more the weight on the front leg.. but still no improvements.. and finally i saw the light... it's just that i'm not in shape!"


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Blogger Ashwyn said...

Good stuff man, exchange at Columbia is good news indeed! Hey, mind if I link you from my blog?

10:20 AM

Blogger Moe said...

Congrats man! having been in NYC for almost 6 yrs, I am certain you will enjoy it!

3:43 PM

Blogger Marina said...

I guess I'll be seeing you in NYC in the fall :)

6:18 PM


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