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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Freak out

3 days have passed since the official courses have started and i'm really thinking i'm gonna fail the MBA. I don't even have time to write the blog!
07.00 wake up 07.10 make up 07.15 saying "hi marco!" 07.16 saying "hi noelle!" 07.17 saying "hi alexander!" 08.15 team meeting 09.45 start morning lessons 12.30 end morning lessons and lunch break 14.00 afternoon lessons 17.00 go home 17.30 start studying (3 case study) 02.15 end studying (in the meantime ironing, cooking, review CV..) 02.30 go to bed after quick read of FT* I'm gonna give up soon! * to read doesn't mean to understand.


Blogger NoellieBellie said...


I'm going to start a club at IESE called the "What the hell are we doing here?!?!" Club.

6:15 AM

Anonymous A second year friend said...

Hey guys, are you freaking out??!! Already!! Don't waste your time now and keep it to waste later when things are going to get reaaaallyyyy tougher..

Another thing, keep writing on the blog.. It's probably the only thing you will remember afterwards.

What the hell are you doing here? Go to the chapel and ask the boss why he sent you here.

5:42 AM

Blogger lucybrooks9369 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:12 PM

Anonymous Huy said...

Lucy and Rolo you damn bastards, I use your wack pages to clean my ass.

Get out of private blogs!

9:35 AM


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