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Sunday, January 28, 2007

George, a real entrepeneur

After one year and a half spent on business cases, the very big learning point is that all the succesful business were drawn on a paper napkin and started in a garage.

The other way round not necessarily works. So it doesn't pay if you spend the weekends in your garage with a pencil and a pile of paper napkins in your hand.
Anyway.. Most of the time you read of entrepeneurs who got their business idea when they recognized that they need something that was not available on the market and they started producing it by themselves. So, for example, the owner of technogym was, 20 years ago, a muscle-fanatic who needed some weight machine and started building some of them for his own use.. and then started selling it.

And i told you about this necessity-driven business because I just burned my frozen pizza which was supposed to be the dinner for tonight. This created a necessity and this necessity made me discover that bread with gorgonzola cheese and salmon are a very tasty fit!


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