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Friday, January 12, 2007

I didn't faint... almost

New York State Law 2165 indicates that anyone taking 6 credits or more must provide the universities with 2 measles, 1 mumps and 1 rubella.
That's why, before leaving for the US I did, in Italy, the vaccinations mentioned above and I sent a paper to the US signed by the doctor that said that I am immune. Unfortunately in the US they have 2 shots while in Italy these 2 shots are used only on kids while adults have a single shot, but with a higher dose of drug.
Obivously no way to convince the health office of Columbia that I am fine with my immunization. So my grades are on hold until I don't provide this proof.

Today, bored by this neverending ping-pong of email between me and the health office of Columbia, I decided to make a move and have a blood test in a Hospital in Barcelona. In this way I should be able to have a certificate that I am fine with the Columbia requirements.
This for me is a big step because every time I have a blood test, I faint. Every superhero has his flaw. Superman has the cryptonite, Bertrand has Tibidabo, I have the needles.
I faint whenever I expect it less. Even after 10-20 minutes from the test. The most tragicominc occurence happened in the elevator of an hospital in Milan. I wooke up when the elevator reached the ground floor and people witing for it saw the door opening and a body (mine) lying on the floor. Really embarrassing, i won't whish for it not even to my worst enemy.
So I was prepared to that. But this time didn't happen. They told me to stay a bit ona chair and I felt comfortable.
So i went to pay and get my bill to get the results back.
141 Euros!!!! (170 dollah!).

I fainted.

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