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Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's a fuckin' GDP competition

Few days ago the spanish prime minister declared that by 2010 Spanish GDP per capita will be higher than Italian one.

And since that declaration, it's tough to be an Italian in Spain.

Thursday afternoon. I go out of the school, the car is not where i parked it. Stolen? No. Towed. 200 euros to have it back.
Thursday night. After the BOW, on my way to another party i hit the invisible curb that splits two lanes in pedralbes. Two tires fucked. 320 euros to buy new ones.
Saturday. Big decision. I rent a scooter. I can't stand using the car in Barcelona anymore.

Saturday night. I'm in a club. At 4.30 i decide to go and a friend of mine ask me a lift home. Ok fine, but i don't have an extra helmet. But i think "but who careeeees??".
Jacket flying in the air, smiling face, wind in the eyes. I felt like Gregory Peck in "Vacanze Romane".

After 2 minutes, in balmes, i see a big checkpoint of the local police. I stop. The guy sees me from some hundreds meters of distance. Coming towards me and poiting in my direction he moves his head saying "yes dude.. u see right, it's the police".
Not only I had to pay 105 euros, which is fine, but i had to wait one hour and a half to have all the modules filled up and my ticket given. Unbelivable. Spanish can be lazy even in collecting money.

However, during the long waiting time, they know how to entertain you. First of all the policemen come in different shape and behavior. You have the tall skinny one with the sense of humor of a fire extinguisher, the fat guy always angry but with the veto power and jus primae noctis over the colleagues, and the one that is totaly aphatic, looking at the watch just to reach 7am, the time in which their shift ends.
They stopped a guy on a car, completely drunk. Breath-test. You have to blow a lot of air to let the machine calculate the % of alcohol. But i didn't thought that much.
Policeman, while the guy was blowing in the tube: "Siga, siga, siga, siga, siga, siga, siga, siga, siga, siga, siga.... HEI! porque ha parado!!!!??"
Drunk guy: "Se acabò el aire!"

So now spain has 625 euros more in its GDP and Italy will have the same amount less since i will cut costs in the next future.
Ah well.. i forgot to mention that i went to an AMAZING party held by first years girls for a restricted elitarian group of second years. As soon as party pictures are available I will write about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laughed my a** out...


7:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can tell you how is to be a Spanish in Italy... I have a similar feelings but with banks, I´m fed up of being extra charged with nonsense 'bollos'... but Italian Banks are quick in collecting the money ;] but these extra charges do not seem to appear anywhere in italian GDP

11:01 AM

Blogger Marcusrodri said...

So niiiiiiice to go on a night ride with a girl without a helmet, with the air on the hair (pronounced in italian).
Italy was quite cheap for me. Check it on the blog.
Nice to have you back king ;)

6:37 PM

Blogger Catalonic said...

Well, at least you were able to see the policeman violating you.
I was lucky enough to receive a ticket in the mail from the BCN Police Department for 300 euros, for speeding on Avenida Diagonal three months ago. I have no idea when it happened, how they saw me, or even if.
I think they just run out of money, and randomly choose names out of the the Motor Vehicles database to send tickets to, assuming everyone speeds on Diagonal.

11:12 AM


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