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Monday, January 08, 2007

El post fantastico

One of the funny things about Spain is how they dub movies and tv series.. and how they translate titles. Take for instance the spanish version of "The simpson". Ok the title is left unchanged even if I'm sure somebody would have preferred it to be renamed in "Los Nueno". But while all over the world Homer says "Doh!" as exclamation, in spain he says "Mosquees!". Don't ask me why.
The best, however, is knightrider. In Italy is called "supercar". Which is quite funny but not as funny as "El coche fantastico" of the spanish version.
I wrote about this just because it happened to me today to watch at the very first episode of this serie. At the beginning, Michael Knight is not David Hasseloff but another actor that then is shooted on the face and with surgery, made by the knight foundation, is reshaped as Hasseloff.
So he has been shooted almost to death but then he weaks up as David Hasseloff!
What a double trauma!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one that I love: "Los vigilantes de la playa" (for Baywatch)! Another TV series with David Hasselhoff, aaahhh!

See you soon in BCN!

6:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muy bueno lo de "Los Nueno" me lo imagino con su barriga, presumiendo de sus vuelos en Concorde...

7:58 AM


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