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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brain & Company

In november, when I was in NYC, I was contacted by a consulting company. The phone call was about an opportunity for a full time job at their Milan Office. I said: "ok, why not, let's do this interview". They told me the people from the Milan office would have contacted me soon to let me know when and where the interviews would have taken place.


Three months later, a nice lady calls me with a sort of embarassed tone and asks me "Ehmm... Mr. George Ottathycal... here is the Milan office of B***. Is it too late if we ask you to have an interview with us?"
Surprised i said "well, it's too late indeed. I already signed up a contract with a competitor".

"Oh I'm sorry, i think your cv has been hiding under a pile of other paper"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How could they misplace ur cv?
Do such things happen really?


7:50 AM

Blogger George said...

Apparently at Brain it happens more than what you imagine. I heard the same kind of story many times.

11:00 AM


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