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Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to the future

It's monday morning and is going to be the last one in Italy. Tomorrow, around five or six am i will leave for Barcelona. By car, again. If it happens to you to live around the autoroute that connects milan to barcelona, passing through Genova, Nice and Montepplier, just come to one of the crossing bridges and wave when you see me on my black VW.
I spent these days in Milan basically doing nothing and everything. Nothing because if I have to summarize what i did i can say only "visiting friends". But my schedule was quite tight. I was happy to se all of them but sometimes i had the feeling that something has changed. With most of them I still have many things to say and reasons to spend time with. With others I had the feeling that something is broken. They don't have any interest in knowing what i did these years, they don't even want to know and They keep talking about thins i'm not interested in talking about. It's something like going back to a world that i don't feel like mine anymore.
By the way.. this not the whole picture of my break in Italy. For instance, I enjoyed a lot spending some time with my nephew. Isn't he so cute?

I also had some time to read a book i bought in NY, watch some movies i always wanted to watch, download some new music.

Muhammad, a prohep for our time
The biography of the eminent life of Muhammad, which explains how Islam was born and developed through the life of its prophet. Interesting, I always wanted to know something more about this faith, just to know something about what is going to be the topic of the next century. Nice to see how jihad was not a concept of holy war and how Islam was born with the idea of giving an identity to the arabs living in Mecca and at the same time spread good value and peace among them. Hard to think that someone 1400 years later came up with 9/11.

Anything Else
Nothing is like love, luckyly.
Not so recent movie by Woody Allen. I saw this movie on a 42inch plasma TV at my best friend's house. Was great. You can see how this movie has been shooted with perfect lights and how the lips of Christina Ricci rise at the corner when she looks at him at their first meeting in the Village. I saw it again on my crapy TV at home and was horrible. I always thought that plasma monitors where just a new status symbol for the masses but I have to admit that there is a real intrisic value in it! Ok a part the device, the movie is really good. The plot is very easy, a troubled relationship between a young writer and a very fashinating but complex girl. She is vary nasty with him and he is so in love that ends up carrying the whole wieght of this relationship, helped by the not always wise suggestions of an improvised friend Woody Allen. I should have watched when it came out, in 2003.

David Bowie
The man who sold the world, China Girl, Heroes. But not only these, I would also mention "while my guitar guitar gently weeps" by George Harrison. By the way, did you know that the real name of david bowie was David Johnes but he changed his surname to not be confused with another David Johnes of the group "The monkeys". In the sixties, with his music, he was so far beyond that people therew tomatoes at him when he performed in clubs.

Ok time to pack now and then some visits to some art gallery in Milan. See you soon in BCN!


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I totally forgot about Anything Else, a real shame since I see almost everything with Christina Ricci in it ... I thought his more recent Match Point was a masterpiece

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