Italians do it better (the MBA)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Daddy Paddy

Today i was referred that during the "class 2008" introduction to the MBA, Paddy Miller suggested everybody to go in exchange in New York... because his doughter is there, and she is single.
Too late Paddy... we already found her! (she is the second from the left)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey George,
Thanks for showing us the good spots in NYC.
All I can say here is:
True - "Italians do it better" (Find the best Mojito in town).

9:32 PM

Anonymous Micha said...

Hi Chap!
sweet pics:-))But this one of those when she was still dressed;-)!
Just kidding...hope Daddy Paddy's not reading this...

Anyway, I agree with Patrick: thanks for showing us Le Habana...would be great if you could share the video from Habana and the pics with us!

Take Care,

9:17 AM

Blogger NoellieBellie said...

But I don't see the famous Miller moustache....

5:49 AM


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