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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Milan - New York

This is just a summary of few hours spent across italy and the us. Before leaving italy I had some drinks with friends. As you can see from the picture above we were all men, I would say because we didn’t want to be distracted from drinking but most probably just because few girls are in our group and accidentally all of them were in vacation. After some bottle of wine later downgraded to beers I started to have a blurry vision of the world around me. ON my way back home I decided to take some picture of my beloved Milan and due to the complementing effect of the fast drive vibrations and the drunkenness I thought they were grate pictures. But today, in a sober mood, I found out they were not. But at least you can see Milan exactly as I saw it. Isn’t it great? To go to NY I did a stop in London. On my first flight from Milan to the UK I was happy to see that the plane did a round trip around my hometown. I took a picture and I circled my town. Is it my fault if I was unluckily assigned a seat over the wing? But trust me my town is exactly there! Due to the new security policies all passengers are thoroughly screened and to do this everyone is asked to take off the shoes. Sometimes I don’t understand how people can survive the smell of their own feet. Again, the smell made me high and I started to see blurry shapes again. I had to spend three hours at Heathrow and I stepped into two interesting things. The first one is these patata bravas which made me think I wrongly took another flight to Barcelona. The other one is this weird signal. Partly because I admit I was worried for the latest threats in the air, partly because I had nothing else to do and partly again because efter the multiculti I am attracted by whatever starts with “multi” (multiple orgasms are the best so far), I decided to go into the room and pray a little. It was the first time for me in a multi-faith prayer room. I felt a little puzzled. I thought that in a place like that you have more than a god watching at you and I wouldn’t be prudent to pray just one of them few minutes before taking a plane. You know these people from the past.. they can be very touchy! So I prayed the ones I knew… given the fact that I know only the most popular ones that are advertised by the media. I did also some bikram yoga position.. you never know. The tree position was more like an eggplant position but what matters is the effort… anyway.. Unfortunately I think I missed some big name up there, because I had the unluckiest seat on the plane. On the left I had one of those people who don’t come prepared for the flight with the right amount of things to do and so they just do what you do. Fine if you read the economist while I’m reading it, but at least don’t do that disappointed face if turn the page too fast! The worst was the one on the seat in front of mine. I don’t know how he made it but every second he was moving on the seat making it moving back and forth. I was watching a movie on a LCD that due to this movement was virtually chaning from 3inch to 42 inches. Just to figure out the situation, I’m pressing the keybord with my tongue. By the way, now i'm at Casey's flat. The city seems really amazing. I just had time to go out for a quick dinner where the waiter told me to not take pictures. But please let me post this photo that shows what you can see if you put the nose out of the windows of this amazing flat!


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I love the multifaith prayer room! I went in there at Munich airport. Good idea on the yoga pose... maybe I should do that next time to get an upgrade.

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