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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back to basics... kitchen basics!

Once upon a time, there were Marco and George moving into a new flat in Barcelona and spending a week going around the city to buy basic stuff like forks, knives, toilet paper..
An year later, the story repeats itself.
We have been lucky. The flat is brand new.. So new that when we were approaching to open the lobby door, two working men overtook us saying "wait.. we are mounting the furniture".
Then for the whole day was an ongoing movement of plubmbers, elecricians and other workers setting us the flat. So the flat is clean, new, big. But there is nothing except the very basic things (a bed, a drawer, the refrigerato, the oven..) But we have to buy ourselves the glasses, the iron, forks.. And again salt, pepper, oil, cleaning stuff. I think we did some 20 km by foot today.
The guy who manages the building on behalf of Columbia told us to not buy anything and just eat regularly at the hot-dog shop at the corner. I looked at him and I said "hey, I'm Italian, the kitchen is my realm!". So he started saying something i didn't understand but I suppose he was making fun of me and of the italians reconnecting the speech with old memories of past students.
I really don't understand the english they speak here! It's not the same as in IESE. At the customs:

Officer: "Hi"
Me: "hi"
Officer "ma orts mnts ees?"
Fuck i missed the complete sentence.. good start George.
Me: "Sorry?"
Officer "May I have your passport, I-20 and the other documents please?"
Me: "ah yes.. sorry i didn't understand.. here it is"
Officer: "can u t s finger h yr"
I understood it has something to do with the finger.. ah yes the fingerprint through this tool.. ok but which one?.. ok let's try this
Officer: "I said left please!"
Fuck.. 50% probability never works in my favor
Officer: "When ve ime in I?"
Ok he is asking me when i've been last time somewhere.. but where?
Me: "when i've been where?"
Offier: "India"
Me: "Oh well last year.. no.. two years ago.. or maybe three because was in december.. well i don't remember, but you can check the passport print.."
Then the last question that i understood
Officer: "What are you in the United States of America for?"
Me, taking an arrogant/proud face look: "I'm going to Columbia, i'm studing business administration"
The officer didn't reply, but looked at me with a puzzled/pity face.

Now i'm wasted and i would like to go to bed but we have to wait for Ramon Roqueta who has just landed at JFK. I think he might americanize his name in Ray Rocket.


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Anonymous huy said...

He was puzzled because he assumed you are going to Colombia., not Columbia .. for stuydying business adminstration.. ;)

11:17 AM


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