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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cereal Killers

Till and Juanra have just came back from Fairway, the grocery store i mentioned some post ago.. the one in which you phisically enter into the refrigerator to get cold food (and the flu).
While they were there, I received a phone call from Juarna...

Juanra: "eeeee... George"
Me: "digame"
Juanra: "i think you should talk to Till"
Mr: "why?"
Juanra: "he is buying everything!"

Indeed in our house the shelf life of any item in the kitchen is very low. The highest turnover rate is reached by the Muesli shelf. Since marco introduced the Zerman tradition of Muesli (to pronouce this word i have to flip and bent my toungue in an unnatural way), everybody is eating these cereals. With milk, yogurt, ice cream.
Yesterday Alexia brought me to the best place in town to get a burger. It's so cool how you get into this place. Is a tiny fast food hidden behind the reception desk of an hotel in downtown. To get in you have to go behind a curtain towords a small corridor. And then here we are! The hamburgers are sooo good! I need to post a picture just so that Alvaro gets a little envious of that (this is his favourite place in NY). Then to get rid of the whole bunch of fat food we happily go to the gym or to central park for a healthy run. Here is an amazing view of the east side of central park that i took one of those running days. Now i'm going to go out for the first italian party event of the season.. the kick-off of the NYC winter parties.
Before going out I want to share some pictures I took at the happy hour.
Me and marco deep into the hawaian spirit..

.. while Juanra was a little skeptical about our performances on the dancefloor.

You cannot see his hands but guess what Ramon is doing!


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