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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Breaking NEWS

Some of you remember that i've lost my flag during the multiculti party held in Febuary.
I've found in a box of stuff still unpacked from Barcelona. I was packing for NY and Zaaaaac! The flag.

The following picture captures my happiness for the good news.
Despite the initial happyness i'm really scared of things disappearing in mysterious circumstances during my whole life. I clearly remember when i was young and was left home alone for a couple of hours in the afternoon. There was a very yummy cream cake in the fridge. One with ice cream, strawberries and so on. Nobody went in and out of the house during those two hours and when my parents came back, the cake was disappeared from the fridge. Guess who was pointed and the responsible? Me!
But I swear i didn't eat that cake. It just disappeared.
They never trusted me about that.
Back to the flag, no picture is available now because the flag itself is still under shock and doesn't want to reply to journalists about what happened during these long 6 months. However, furthere details will follow in the next days.
Stay with us!


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