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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tough weekend

It's saturday morning and I'm sitting at my desk trying to concentrate on some homework. Impossible.
Some friends of marco are in town to celebrate the bachelor party of one of them.. As you can see germans are very prudent. Two of them wear seat belts even for walking!
And here is the picture of the future groom.. Ladies calm down.. he is out of the market now!
We started on thursday evening with the famous Columbia Happy Hour. A serious event that graduating students have analyzed using the usual Porter's Five Forces Model. On Friday we opted for a relaxed evening... but that was just the initial intention. We ended up at Cafè Havana at 5pm eating grilled corn (amazing, a must of NYC!) and drinking mojito. One, two, three, four... oh my god. At 6,30 i was already wasted. Here you have the groom during the mojito super charging. By the evening i went to FIZZ.. a very snobby club for members only where columbia had organized a party. One, two, three, four drinks. At a certain point you don't even recognize that you have just wasted one hundred dollars in drinks. Oh my good my poor finances... Is there anybody who wants to leverage my wallet, it will help me to reduce my cost of capital. Paybacks for the investors? Mmm.. i will think about it. Btw, i wasn't with them last night but we all came home around four. For sure they were more wasted than me. I avoid you the nasty pictures of the five of us this morning. The corridor seems the movie set of "dead man walking"...
Yesterday i also stepped into two funny things. The first one is this street race between an American Cab (Ford) and an Italian One (Lambo). And Lambo is not Lamberto. What? Do you think the winner is not actually a cab? Yes it is.. who else can buy a yellow car!
The second thing is this. It's interesting because it helped me understand why every time i say "i'm from IESE" people look at me very strange. Basically for them is like going to barcelona and tell the people that you study at the prestigeous school "BCNeta". With all respect to the garbage collectors.
Other posts about tonight at CieloClub will follow. Maybe


Blogger Marina said...

I wanted to steal that 5 Forces shirt. Too bad I was stuck in the library studying for a midterm :(

11:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

George - thank you very much for bearing us for the last weekend.
(especially when we were coming home drunk without caring too much about the noise level ):-)

But I see you already took revenge by posting my nice straw picture - don´t mind, I´m getting married anyway in 2 weeks -

The weekend in NY was so much fun - keep rocking the city!
THX & Warm Regards Christian

12:49 PM


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