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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Crispy Bananas

Yestarday was shopping day. Me and marco went again to one of this big malls to buy groceries for the house. As I said in my previous post, everything here is big. At the entrance of the supermarket you get one of these big trolleys. At the biginning i thought there were also the doors to enter and drive it such big it was. But suddenly, with big surprise, you find out that the aisles of the supermarket are super narrow. People fight at every crossing. Your weel is stuch with some other's one and you pull to regain your driving freedom but at the same time you notice that you have just squized one of thise super tiny old ladies against a wall of prezels! Oh.. sorry madame. Then again you are forced to buy big quantities of everything. 200 lbs of yogurth, 100 lbs of nuts. You mix them and in 2 days, before it expires, you need to eat 300 lbs of yogurt with nuts! In Italy i was to see meat and cold stuff stored in refrigerated shelves. Here in the US is different. It's not the meat that is in the refrigerator. It's you that you have to phisically enter the refrigerator to get the milk. I was not prepared and i entered the refrigerator with my italian hand craft made shirt snobbing all that fancy "fairway" jackets... but after two seconds i was riskying to be frozen (and probably packed and sold out) like a beef sirloin. The supermarket was quite cheap and the quality of the food was good. The way the items where stored in the shelves can be a nightmare for every opereations' and logistcs' professor. Moreover, everything is crunchy, chubby, yummy or crispy. Even the grapes and the bananas are crispy. And by the way i'm eating one of this bananas and it doesn't taste like a banana. It tastes like a banana ice cream. Which is different.


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