Italians do it better (the MBA)

Saturday, September 30, 2006


This morning we have been intervieed by the police. They knocked at the door around 12.00. I was still with my eyes semi-closed and the typical headache by vodka-redbull. They were asking me if I heard something yesterday night because there was a burglary in the flat in front of ours, same aisle. I was confused.. i didn't even remember were I was between 8pm and 10pm. So i asked help from the backoffice... "Hey Marco.. Till.. can you come here". Marco was ok, he was already showered, dressed up well, went out to buy eggs for the breakfast. But Till... TILL! He appeared out of his room in underwear. Ok so far nothing special. But there was a police woman. And you have to see her face when till went away showing that he was wearing underwear in the wrong way.. we the hole on the back!
Well at leat here in US they try to investigate. In Italy we are so used to burglary that when you call the police station the best you can hear is "Bad for you! Bye.."


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