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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Boston Callin'

Well.. it's quite a bit since my last update. Ok i'm sure you haven't spent sleepless nights waiting for this but let me tell you what happened. On friday me and Matteo

went to Milan

because we both have second round interviews with BCG. The interviews were scheduled for monday and I leveraged the free flight tikets to visit my family and my friends. Among them no particular news. A new couple has formed in the last months

while the old, ever blazin' (and maybe unconventional) ones still resist to time passing by...
. We went out for a good Italian pizza and then in a club but it was hard to convince my friend that 3,30 is the time when the night starts and not its ending. I told you bacelona is going to change me! On monday I got the interviews. The interviews were scheduled for 9 in the morning but to be sure to be on time i was out of the office at 8,15. In 45 minutes I got almost frozen and overexcited by the 3 coffees already assimilated (bars are your best friends when there is such a cold outside). Then i got the two case interviews: 1) A supermarket chain buys another. Analyze the synergies that might arise from this acquisition. 2) Some data about Fanta and SanPellegrino sales in Italy put on paper by the interviewer, I was asked to give an analysis of the market and margins and suggest how the latest can improve its market share.
I thought i did not so bad and indeed on Tuesday i got an offer.
Muy Bieeeeeeeen!
And the second good news is tha Matteo got an offer as well!
Muuuuuy Muy Bieeeeeeeeeeen!

- lot of money
- high value of the experience in terms of "name on the CV"
- high value of the experience in terms of learning and personal growth
- i don't have to spend so much time in looking for an internship stealing time from studying

- another job in Milan, i would have preferred an exotic experience (like peeling chickens in papua new guinea)
- i will be sodomized by 10 weeks working days and nights forgettin about the concept of "sleeping", "eating" and "weekends".

Vale, venga! It's time to go to bed, i'm really tired today.

Un abrazo.

* Disclaimer: People, names, photos and prentended love relationships might not correspond to reality.


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Blogger Catalonic said...

I think peeling chickens is a euphemism for something that is very illegal in Papau New Guinea, but encouraged other places.
For more information, call this number: 695 153 121

3:13 AM

Blogger Ashwyn said...

brilliant stuff George.. oh btw, first comment but regular reader here. Way to go!

1:24 PM

Anonymous Carlo said...

...and I!?

3:06 AM


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