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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Always those germans...

Between XVIII and XIX century a German mathematician called Carl Gauss brought to life the gaussian distribution and her daughter.. the gaussian curve. Since then, several generations of MBA students have been threatened by the gaussian curve. This curve is subtle.. she can catch you in every moment and when it happens there is nothing you can do. You are doomed. You can study like hell for days, but if she decides its your turn, you are fucked up, man! During the day the curve lays under the sun on an X assis. She just change her position on the to follow the sun and from time to time she stretches a bit.
Today we had two exams: operatioanl finance and managerial accounting. The first one was considered easy by the most (los de mas). Probably the curve will be very short and concentrated on the top of the X assis. On the contrary, managerial accounting was a real pain in the ass and i'm sure the curve will be stretched on the low side of the X.

Now the funny thing: tomorrow we all go to the ski trip in Andorra, and the curve won't follow us! Yessssss!


Anonymous huy said...

Without the curve we would have probably fail Accounting.

See it like this: With the curve only 10% fail. In my undergraduate we had really difficult exams where 60-70% fail.

Therefore, let an exam be hard as it is, even take the hardest that our prof will ever write .. there will be always only 10% failing. Not more, not less.

I like it!

4:18 PM


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