Italians do it better (the MBA)

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Tonight i was driving home after a nice dinner with some friends, the triffic light was red and I was just watching at people crossing the street. Among them, a japanese guy with a beautiful labrador. When he reached the other side of the road his dog saw another one just a few meters on the sidewalk. And he started pulling and barking to the other dog. "wooof wooof woooof" The other dog, a smaller one but very angry probably because its dog-wife always pretends to have headache, started barking even lauder and the two owners of the dogs were very in trouble in holding the two animals.

You see. Dogs are far in front of us, they are beyond. I'm here in spain since 6 months and i'm still making fun of myself with a ridicolous italian-english and trying to survive in every spanish class. I don't understand the difference between POR Y PARA and the pronunciation of Awesome,Awful and Asshole. These dogs don't even know each other before, they haven't take any language course. Nonetheless they can meet on a saturday night and start saying "Hey you bastard (in their world this is not offensive), you have pissed on my tree!" and the other probably replied "Lick my ass dude!" (this also is quite common practice in the dog world, so we are still in a gentlemen speech). This is amazing. This is something we should think about. And learn. So... lick my ass dude. Good night.

by the way.. "woof woof" in italian is "bau bau".


Anonymous huy said...

Wau Wau in German.

Hilirious entry, Georgenius

1:51 PM

Blogger NoellieBellie said...

George. I think this might be your masterpiece. I salute you.

And I peed on your tree. Hope you don't mind.

4:48 PM


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