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Friday, February 10, 2006

Operational Finance... i will miss you

Today was our last class of Operational Finance. The subject itself was not very interesting except for the first 3 lessons. From then on it was quite repetitive. Nevertheless the professor is amazing. He is at the same time serious and very funny. He is a tall german guy with an undefinite age (he can be 20 or 50.. who knows). Actually he is not the guy in the photo. The photos is just taken among the winners of an international photo award. Today was just a review session before the final exam and there was room for a lot of fun, COW (comment of the week) included. The professor answered some questions...

Q: "Do we have to make assumptions during the exam?"
A: "You have to read, not assume"

Q: "When we evaluate deferred taxes, do we have to consider different depreciation methods?"
A: "I haven't understood depreciation in my whole life.. I'm not going to ask you about different depreciation methods"

Just to mention this COW which made me laugh for 10 minutes
Professor: "To reduce the patients' queue we should have Doctors working from 8am instead of 9"
Robain: "Yeah but patients will start coming at 7!"
Vlad: "They are SICK!.. man"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes! COW must be lots of fun! Can't wait to experience it live!

6:20 PM

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