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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Location Swap

Hola tios! I'm finally back in Barcelona. During the christmas vacations i've been at home for a few days, then in Sankt Moritz for skiing and then back home where i had time to see some friends. Thanks Luca for your "Casa di Proprietà.. anche se un po' da arrivista! :) ". To be honest i was a little sad to come back here and leave my family and my old friends again. But I'm sure that as soon as the courses will start I will regain the full happyness. Nothing has changed here.. neither the picture on our restroom's door. Actually I just realized that I should have stayed in Milan at least until tomorrow. Indeed to be here has no added value because few people are here and the ones who are here are real bankers studying hard for the interviews! I'm supposed to study for mine but there is no point in trying to understand markets in 2 days. Today I tryed a mock interview and was not so bad but it was hard to talk about my "motivation" in working in Global Markets. The only market that I see every day is "Mercat de Sarria"... which gives me a deep smell of fish every day that I pass it by with my bycicle! Well, i told you that nothing has changed here but in reality there is a big news!!!. Alex, my flatmate, decided to marry his girlfriend (not another one). I tryed to warn him about the risks and the cons of this decision but you know that in the world there are hard jobs and somebody has to take charge of them. :) Vale... venga! It's time to start calling somebody for going out tonight.


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