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Thursday, January 12, 2006

George The Banker

Yeah guys finally I can tell you. I'll be a banker! Ehmm.. banker? I said Banker? Ops... a writing error. Barber. Yes.. George The Barber. Yeah my career as the nextMarietto Draghi is no longer part of my future I think I will open the more classic of the Barber Shop here in Barcelona. Mainly for two reasons. The first is that I don't see any good alternative in Industry after hearing a pharma company offering 2 years of "drug representative" (a job that you can do even with a college degree on "french fries"). The second is that actually here in Barcelona I cannot see a good barber who is able to cut the borders. Talking with Sandro, my Italian barber, he told me that indeed to cut the border with the classic old straight razor is not an easy task and that's why women barbers (who cut hairs to women who don't need to do borders with razor) are not able to do it!!

  • CUT € 20.00
  • CUT & SHAMPOO € 30.00
  • BIKINI WAX €50.00 (free for girls)
Yeah.. this is the business of the future!!!


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