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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A drink before starting again..

Hola. I've done my one and only interview with Merrill Lynch yesterday. Unexpectedly i was really well prepared for technical question and in giving opinion about the markets. However i think a did poorly on the "motivational" side of interviews. Except for interviews during these days the preferred activity was going out and drinking.. at least for the ones like me who were not such involved in banking stuff. On saturday i finally saw some of my good friends here in iese, among them Huy (remember his name, it will come up later). We went to "chupitos" which is a very naaaaaaaaaaice bar where you can have only cheap chupitos.. but hundreds of different chupitos. It's always very crowded, especially by tourists, but it takes a bit to be drunk and overcome the absence of music and the high level of humidity. I went there and the ones who were waiting were already drunk. Then we went to belice and to universal, other two clubs where we ended up the night dancing. On monday after the interviews I saw Huy at school and he hugged me saying "hey George happy new year.. i missed you!"... So with a puzzled face i said "well.. i missed you too but we have seen 24 hours ago..." And then i realized he was so drunk that night that he didn't even remember to have seen me. On monday I went out again just because it was our last night free after starting second term classes. Fortunately i didn't get drunk but today was hard to concentrate and prepare the new marketing case. I also got the occasion to drive the super fast Alexia's Mini Cooper S. We also had a photo during our small trip from one place to the other and today i sent all the photos to alexia just to make her aware of what she has done (including a harmwrestling session with me).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your friend armwrestling with you...i bet she won :D

7:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

your friend armwrestling with you....i bet she won :D

7:56 AM

Blogger George said...

no but i admit i had to put lot of effort to defeat her. :) So the message is "don't do an MBA if you want to take care of your physical conditions".

10:55 AM


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