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Friday, October 13, 2006

Intellectual property

Even if nowadays investments in emerging countries are "cool" and "exotic", several things must be considered that might be more than just an issue. Among these i would mention corruption, poor legal system, weak coporate gonverances, transfer of assets and equity and last but not least, the lack of intellectual property. Somewhere this concept is missing at all, somewhere else the concept exists but the poor legal system and the conflict of interests makes it difficult to be enforced. This regression just to say that reading The Economist (October 14th-20th 2006) i'm amazed to see on page 9 how the journalist used a term that I used on this blog few weeks ago. Cereal Killer! Hey that was mine!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This shows lack of a legal system to implement intellectual property rights. Otherwise how could they use your term???

3:29 AM


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