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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Section A - Forever

Guys guys guys, first year is over. I've been super lazy again after the MBA olypmics and i haven't wrote that much about life here. Nevertheless it was the one of the best period and that's why i spent not that much time with my buddy laptop. Weather is amazing and helps you making the workload less heavy. Fortunately i did good midterms because after that i haven't studied that much and my final exams went quite bad. But.. who cares??? Now i'm looking forward to start my internship who knows where (maybe turkey, maybe rome..) and to go to NY next term. But honestly i will miss barcelona, i will miss..

Noellieeee: who had to bear my bad mood in the proximity of exams and with whome I shared so many moments of real fun and joy ("joy" is a trademark of OpusDei). She alone scored 250 point at the olympics, accounting for 1/4 of the whole points of IESE and almost double the point of SDA Bocconi :) She is our movies wizzard, the girl of the house, the number cruncher (??). Marco: I won't miss marco, marco is coming with me at Columbia.. yeaahhh! We will kick asses there, as usual. Huy (but you can call him "UI UI"): the most German of the Vietnameeses! A great friend, a super kind person... even when he sleeps. But don't touch his waist, he really gets upset (one day he will punch me, i know it!). Vera: she's just amazing. Ok now i have to stop the list of personal profiles otherwise i will spend the last two days in Barcelona writing the blog. But i have a special thought for almost everybody here.. even Xavi from the cafeteria!

So i just say to myself... "please, go ahead... george"

Section A: the best section ever. If you were not there, you can't understand. The best section, the more fun, the best mix of people i have ever lived with. The last day we had 1 hour of "comment of the year" and amarcord pictures of these first 9 months spent together. I was crying which is, listening to Videla, more or less the same feeling you have when you have a coffee in Rome.


Blogger -tvu said...

Congratulations! Great blogging, although not as regular as Noelle, on your IESE experience. Good luck at Columbia next year...

2:13 PM

Blogger Marcusrodri said...

I will miss you too...I can't wait to tell my workmates in Switzerland..."guys guys guys, I know in person the guy who made the comment about forrest gum starting to make money"
Rest of people: "Nooooo! seriously? do you know King George????
Marc: Yes I know him!! and I wish him a good summer. We will miss him half 2nd year. But brief!!

8:22 AM

Blogger NoellieBellie said...

I will miss you too Georgie! Can't wait to come visit you in the Big Apple, my old town. Where people won't think you're strange until you open your mouth!

10:42 PM

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