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Monday, February 12, 2007

Lost in Grace

This evening i've been in charge of getting the whisky for our "whisky and cigars" night organize by the omonimous club. Yes, in IESE we take drinking and smoking very seriously.

So I went with my moto in Gracia to get the whisky and i've been driving for half an hour completely lost in these small streets of this area of Barcelona. It was quite an hassle because of the traffic jam, the non sense one-way streets of Barcelona and this cage between my legs that force me in a very not-natural position on the seat.

But then... whoooo... finally at home

NO! Suprise! I don't have my keys. Just a few calls to realize that none of my flatmates will be home in less than an hour. So i'm sitting here in front of the door of my flat, sitting on my cage of whisky and the laptop on the legs. Having nothing to do, because i cannot study anything with the automatic light of the stairs that turns off every two minutes, I decided to share with you, my reader, this quite boring experience.

If you feel like passing by the street I will be please to receive some humble food like caviar and salmon on crispy bread.


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