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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pontius Pilot

In a vane attempt to clean my soul i went to the mass tonight. If you are used to hear the mass in Italian is really wierd to recite it in English. It looses part of its weight. Not because of English itself, but because you perrceive it in a more detached way. Really wierd. The most funny thing is how they translated the name of Ponzio Pilato. Pontius Pilate. Why do you have to transalte names? And the way it is pronounced in english always makes me think that he was a pilot flying on a plane like this... The priest was mentioning three tempations for the men... temptations we have to be able to escape and resits. The world, the flesh and the... well.. i forgot. However, I would have raised my hand to ask "and the fourth one:


Anders and Evgeny: Denmark vs Russia
Mark, the big man in a fast forward move

At our stand, Italy was providing Wine (25 liters), Limoncello (5 liters) and the mighty Negroni (7 liters). No explanation is needed for the first two but few words must be spent for the latter. Negroni is a very typical long drink in Italy. Is made of 1/3 of Martini Red, 1/3 of Gin and 1/3 of Campari. Served with a slice of orange. It's very strong, but the taste is really good.
I decided to use the multiculti to spread the Negroni culture. I thought it would have been really painful. And seriously many people tried it and said "wow.. this is really strong!". I thought there would have been many victims of Negroni. Piles of dead bodies around the italian stand. And indeed they were. But not for the negroni.. for the cold Risotto with mushrooms that matteo did.
Basically we brought some pasta and risotto to serve as our flag dishes. And we brought a microwave oven as well, since these are dishes that have to be served warm. And that's the way we started to serve them. But after a while we noticed that people didn't care about warm or cold. They just tasted it and said "oh.. this is good". Mmm... ok let's stop this hassle of warming up everything. Let's serve it cold. Unfortunately the cold risotto is like cement. Two spoons, and your stomach is sealed.
Mexican Rafa trying to cross the border with California
Huy warms up for his spanish afterparty
Part of the italian team establishing connections with foreigners
One of my personal achievements for the multiculti was the replica of the world cup, that we proudly carried around singing and dancing and toughly defended from multiple attempts to steal it by brazilians and germans (envy is an ugly beast!).
We are the champions..
The multi culti was a great success. Competitions, good music, tons of food and billion liters of alcohol made the whole fair a real mess. The most common question the day after, however, was : "what is this white stuff on my shoes and pants?". Apparently the floor was covered with a white dust, a kind of dried water paint, that melted with alchool and whitetened shoes and trousers of everybody!
Dirty shoes


Blogger El Gran Bencomo said...

The original name is Pontius Pilatus. Ponzio Pilato is also a translation.The English name "Pontius Pilate" sounds to me closer to the original than the Italian, even though Italian language is closer to Latin.

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