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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sunny Thursday



bip bip

bip bip bip



Alarm stopped. Oh my god. What an headache. Who am I? Where am I? What day is today? Ah yes.. it's thursday. Memories start to come back to my mind. Clearer.

I was at an anti-valentine party yesterday. I remember I entered the club and they gave me a red tape, so people can see that i'm free. But soon i've been stopped by three super ugly girls which made me think that maybe is bettere to hide that tape and come back to the old fashion habit of being the hunter and not the hunted. At least you can choose.

And.. well yes there was that girl I like. And that other one that likes me. And the wierd german one. And lots of italians, and marco and and and. Well. Whatever. Another night spent with friends drinking a lot and laughing even more.

Then you wake up after five hours of sleep and you remember why you set the alarm. Because you have DIPLO! The only class of the day. And you fight with your coscience that wants you to wake up and attend the class, while your rational side tells you that is going to be another useless class. But ok, let's go. As soon as i stand up i recognize the typical floating movement that is a straight sign that some alcohol is still in your veins. Then you see the clothes left somewhere in the room that still carry the horrible smell of smoke and sweat (not mine, which is even worse).

I jump on the moto leaving the helmet open on the front to refresh the face. I meet some people in IESE who tell me "hei george.. tough night yesterday.. isn't it?".
I'm sittin in class now. And in front of me there is Brian Leggett, the teacher. I look at him and I immediately recognize that he is even more hungover than I am. Program of the day: to watch "Scent of a Woman".

And I ask myself.. what the f**k am I doing here?!


Blogger Marcusrodri said...

George, go home, have some sleep. I have your red tape from the bar. Will give it to you asap since I know it is an important object for you.

11:04 AM


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