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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Need to catch up.

I need to catch up a little with my blog. It's a while that i don't update it and it seems that i'm losing memory of what happened after the exams. Partly this is true because of the erasing effect of alchool on my brain but also because verba volant, scripta manent. So let's try to do a quick wrap up. If I were German i would have done it in a chronological order. Unfortunately I'm Italian, so i will use an absoooolutely messy approach.
Barca Won the Champions League
Ok ok, you might complain that you don't have to read here to know about it. But I've been there. I've been with Fernand drunk at the bar who switched from crying to be totally without control. I've been in the bar where at minute 42' the owners experienced a stockout in beer (even if they claimed they've been helped in the inventory planning by M. Sachon). I've been in placa catalunia where people was partying like animals with tons of alchool and home made fireworks. After 1 hour after the end of the match circulation in the center was almost impossible. Me and Huy with a moto had problmes in getting out of the traffic jam. Above you can find some analytical graph about what happened during those hours. GDP of Catalunia had a boost of 10%, but it was a nominal shock.. some shops where broken and goods stolen (real shock!). By the way, I also include a picture taken in placa catalunia.
Great speech from Pedro Videla
Pedro Videla, our global economics teacher, is the son of a former chilean comunict diplomats. Actually we still have the doubt that he is the son of a former chilean dictator.... Anyway, he always tells us nice stories among which i will try to deliver you this one. "When I was a kid, I was used to go to east Berlin with my parents. My father's intent was to show me how the ideal world should have been. In Berlin there is a high tower with a restaurant on top from which you can see the whole city. People had to make reservation 15 years in advance to be able to have dinner there. At the time we were listeing to that silly song.. Imagine (a world without money!?!?!). During these dinners my father was used to talk about politics with this friends and i spent time at 360 degree windows. I saw Berlin. West Berlin, full of lights, Coca Cola banners, life. East Berlin, deep in the dark, no life. So i asked my parents.. 'Are you sure this is the right side of the world?' and my mother replied 'Yes.. on the other side there is a corrupted world, they have prostitution!' and i thought 'That's good, that's individual initiative!'.
Giulietta in town
We had our midterms and finally we had a weekend off. Giulia, a friend of mine from Italy who lives in London, came to visit me with a friend. It was a good weekend. It was an amazing weekend with a wonderful weather. I just hanged around, went out until late in the morning and eat a lot. On saturday Madhur prepared for us a wonderful indian dinner. Unfortunately he forgot to buy paper towels but the indian wisdom provided a great substitute.. After that we went to Shoko, a very nice club at the beach. In this kind of clubs you can really feel the power of Barcelona. I love this city! I was even proud of my great parking skills, part of my italian inheritance. So proud that when i went out i couldn't belive that my car has been taken away by the local police! Jodeeeeeer! 40 minutes by foot to go to the police station and 200 euros to have my car back! But still a great weekend.


Blogger Marcusrodri said...

Great post! I agree with george about both the origins of our economics teacher and about the nominal effects of a Barça victory. Lesson from economics: Nominal shocks (the out of control happiness after winning the champions league) cannot dress up the real shocks (realizing of your mental and phisical state the day after a blaugrana beer celebration). We've learned also that nominal illusions are created by drunk guys in central banks. At the end is barley juice which controls the real shocks in this world. (sorry for this comment but my real metabolism has not yet adjusted from the nominal shock). Blaugrana al vent...un crit valent!!!

4:43 PM

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