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Friday, May 12, 2006

George the Cavemen!

Another step towards the end of the year! Yesss

Today we closed the last midterms of the year... I felt quite unprepared in almost every subject. But the lion king of ingonarce was for sure about Global Economics. I remember an exercise in which i entered a vicious cycle of prices going up and down that i wasn't able to control in the whole bunch of graphs on my scratch paper. At a certain point I even thought about writing "i don't know exaclty what is going to happen on prices, employment and interest rates when you open the borders to immigrants but for what i can see you are going to be in a deep amount of shit!".

I looked around to have some eye contact with a desperate like me but everybody seemed very concentrated on the exam... Fuck?! Am I the only one in trouble?
Then i started to think at something else and I tried to figure out how was life when to live you don't need to think about interest rates, economics, swaps and so on. The cavemen!
But then i thought that actually i dosen't seems to be so many caverns out there. Honestly, think about it? How many caves have you seen in your life? Is not that easy. First of all you need mountains. Rocky mountains. Then you need some geolocical even that creates the cavern. The scope is very narrow. So... where the fuck were the cavemen living?
The answer is "I don't know".. as usual. But at least i didn't have to spend so much time on a book to come to this silly conclusion.


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